Andro, Androstenedione, and You

Andro, Androstenedione, and You

What are Andro and Androstenedione?

andro benefitsAndro is a “class of products” while Androstenedione is one specific product in the class.  Still, many use the terms interchangeably because androstenedione was the first popular “andro” product on the market.

The natural steroid that the FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) banned is called Androstenedione. Androstenedione was available for sale OTC (over the counter) as a natural supplement up until March of 2004. DHEA and pregnenolone, two similar natural hormones are still available OTC.

Andro still legal?

Under the new law the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 there were new regulations created of what constituted legal and illegal. The andro available now is compliant with the new regulations but is still andro.

Andro Testosterone Molecular Structure

Why should I use Andro?

Androstenedione may help the body achieve a much higher anabolic and androgenic state which is optimal for lean muscle mass growth and increases in strength. For example using 4-Andro will give your body what it needs to make the master hormone testosterone. Testosterone is vital because it is the foundation of building muscle tissue and strength for males. 1-Andro will convert the highly anabolic hormone 1-testosterone and 19nor Andro will convert to coveted hormone nandrolone. In a nutshell, using Androstenedione can help your body in many ways and help you reach your personal fitness goals.

andro side effects


What side Effects and Benefits by using Andro? 

Because these available Andro’s may cause an elevation in testosterone, 1-testosterone or nandrolone in the body, possible side effects might include acne, oily skin, hairloss and an increased sex drive. Other side effects may be temporary testicular shrinkage while “on”. For some people who are already biologically prone, andro might cause “aromatization” to occur. Aromatization is the biological process wher excess testosterone is converted to estrogen, which in the most extreme and untreated cases may lead to gynocomastia. This is highly unlikely to occur with responsible use of today’s DSHEA compliant Andro and Benefits include increased strength and gaining of lean muscle mass.

Should I Cycle Androstenedione?

Cycle it by going on cycle for 4-10 weeks and then off for as long as you were on and use some testosterone boosting PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) after. Similar to the use of any exogenous hormone, use of Andro may cause the body to down-regulate/slow the production of its own hormones. Therefore, cycling Androstenedione is wise and very advantageous. Andro can be used for up to 12 weeks on and then 12 weeks off. Most find that the achieve best results by cycling 6-8 weeks on and then taking as much time “off” as they were “on.” As with all supplements, being smart, starting slow and listening to your body are the keys to success.

Andro Warning: It’s NOT recommended for use by women, by any male under the age of 18 or by any person suffering from any medical condition without first consulting a physician.