1-Andro Review

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1-Andro Review

1-Andro1-andro is a prohormone that is on the market from many different vendors. It currently has a patent pending by the original marketer Proprietary Wellness LLC but it is also being sold as 1-andro RX and finaflex 1-andro in potential violation of the patent. Still it is a very good prohormone that can convert into 1-testosterone at quite a high rate.  The original marketer has done all of the safety and occurrence testing to determine that 1-andro is a 100% legal DSHEA complaint prohormone.

1-andro Structure

1-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one is the structural name for 1-andro. 1-andro is very similar to 1-testosterone in structure, meaning it is a very close chemical cousin.  The main differences is that 1-andro is a dhea derivative that makes it the “inverse” of 1-testosterone. This makes it much more orally active than 1-testosterone mg per mg.  Orally, this product is very potent and can be used to supplement the diet and increase the over all androgenic balance of the male body. 1-andro can not be acted on by aromatase or 5aReductase, so it is stays very much in tact in the body.

1-andro Effects

1-andro is a very lean mass builder. It won’t bloat you like many other prohormones, but it should provide a very solid gains in mass and strength. As a prohormone it is much more mild than the harsher prosteroids but it won’t cause liver stress or kidney issues, making it very good for people that want clean gains without the harsh side effects. It shouldn’t cause as much hairloss as other steroids nor will it turn into estrogen so you won’t bloat. Additionally, it should not have any gyno causing action. This makes 1-andro a very clean and mild prohormone. The power of 1-andro comes from the fact that 1-testosterone is 7 times more anabolic than testosterone per milligram.  This means that you will get a very similar level of action even on 100-200mg of this ingredient opposed to 500mg of a testosterone prohormone. It is very good to stack this with other “wet” prohormones since 1-andro is considered to be very dry.

Sublingual Delivery

The best way to take this product is via the sublingual route. This means that 20mg under the tongue will perform better than 250 mg of an oral capsule.  Sublinguals have been shown in studies to perform more than 250% better than oral capsules at delivering the hormone to the bloodstream and muscle.  If you buy 1-andro you will want to get it in the sublingual deliver tablets or liquids.