11-Sterone Review

Andro Cycle June 28, 2011 2

Guy Pointing11-Sterone is a popular prohormone that was originally introduced by Ergopharm as 11-OXO. It is a naturally produced steroid in humans, fish and most other animals, thus making it legal to sell as a dietary supplement. It was never a really popular product and was first introduced to the market as a “cortisol blocking agent” because it may reduce cortisol product through 11bHSD inactivation.  11-OXO is considered very safe and is well studied in humans.

11-Sterone Structure

11-Sterone is named because it is an androstenedione skeleton with a 11-Keto group on the side.  This 11-Keto group means it is a prohormone to 11-Keto-Testosterone which is a fairly weak androgen on it’s own.  The 11-Keto group will reduce the potency of this steroid by blocking the binding to the androgen receptor.

11-Sterone Potency

11-Sterone is not a very potent hormone, but it does have some uses.  As a steroid on it’s own, it will have almost no activity due to the 3 keto groups, so it will require conversion to be active.  Conversion to 11-Keto-Testosterone is likely pretty high in the gut, but the deactivation in the liver will be a problem, making this hormone better used as a transdermal or sublingual.  Still, if you take a high enough dose (typically 300-500mg per day) you will get some effect from it.  Due to it’s weak activity, it may shut you down only at very high doses.

People like to stack 11-Sterone because it can reduce cortisol, which is the main hormone that tears down muscle.  11-Sterone has been also used as a bridge, which is a mild compound used between cycles of harsh prosteroids.  For this purpose it is probably pretty good.

11-Sterone won’t put a lot of mass on you and it won’t at all bloat you, which makes it perfect for a cutting cycle.  It is best stacked with other more potent androgens that may be “wet” such as 4-androsterone or 5-androsterone.  On a stack, you will enjoy some of the benefits of 11-Sterone.

11-Sterone Safety

11-Sterone is likely very safe since it has been studied in humans and is also a natural part of the food supply. The only real concern with this product is the cost, since a 30 day cycle will likely cost you $80 for a low end cycle and $140 for a much more aggressive 500mg per day cycle.  11-Sterone is a very mild prohormone that can be used safely by healthy people over 21 who wish to supplement their androgen levels.

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