19 nor Trenbolone

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19 nor Trenbolone

The now illegal “tren” products were very popular prohormones that were on the market since roughly 2003.  These prohormones were very similar to the anabolic steroid trenbolone, which is why they got the name. In early 2010 all “tren” products 19Nor-estra-4,9-diene-dione became schedule III anabolic steroids making them illegal to carry and sell. Still some people are stupid enough to sell this stuff out in the open. Some of the products on the market were X-tren, Trenadrol, tren-Xtreme and others.

19 Nor tren Structure

The “trenprohormones share a 19 Nor skeleton with Nandrolone (Deca) and trenbolone (Fina) and is actually a hybrid of the two.  It has the 9-ene structure of trenbolone products but is missing the 11-ene. It is more similar in effects to trenbolone than Deca, but it is actually weaker as a steroid than either one of them.  Still, that puts “tren” in a very potent class of steroids. 19 Nor steroids are known to exist in the body naturally, but it is only theorized that the 9 double bond is synthesized, not proven.

19 Nor tren Effects

Most people get some lean gains and fat loss from this compound.  Side effects are very mild, since it doesn’t convert into much.  There is no estrogen effect of tren and it is mild on the hairline. Still, some reports of side effects like mood swings are out there.  The gains on this compound are from 5-8lbs in a 30 day cycle which puts it on the very low end of the prosteroids.   Even though 19 Nor tren was never a huge mass builder, people loved to stack this prohormone with other androgens because it is not liver stressing and adds in some unique effects on cycle which helps add to other prosteroids.