19 Nor Prohormones

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19 Nor Prohormones

19 Nor prohormones are a class of hormone that was popularized by the illegal anabolic steroid “Deca” and “trenbolone“.  19Nor steroids are naturally produced by the body and in animals at levels that are lower than standard C19 steroids (testosterone, dhea, androstenedione). The benefit of 19-Nor steroids is that they are usually more potent than the standard C19 steroids in the body.

What Does 19 Nor Mean?

Standard prohormones and steroids have 19 carbons.  When the product is converted to estrogen it loses a carbon and reduces to 18, called a C18 steroid.  19 Nor Androgens means that the hormone is still an androgen yet is missing the 19th carbon, making it a hybrid. steroid.

Effects of 19Nor steroids

19 Nor steroids can convert into estrogen, but at a reduced rate compared to testosterone. They also seem to have progestin properties, which make them more anabolic and less androgenic than standard C19 steroids.  Other modifications like the estra-4,9 (dienelone) and estra-4,9,11 (trenbolone) stop the conversion to estrogen and DHN but add greater anabolic action. One of the most talked about benefits is the ability of 19Nor steroids to ease joint pain.  Finally, the prohormones to Deca and Deca itself

M-drol Prohormone Alternative

Popular 19 Nor steroids

Nandrolone (Deca) – ILLEGAL – Deca is very similar in structure to testosterone but is missing the 19 carbon (Nor 19). What this does is change the metabolites even though you have the same enzymes. Metabolites like DHN help reduce the prostate size vs DHT (the equivalent metabolite of testosterone)  that increase it. DHN also will help slow or reverse hair loss where DHT makes it worse. This health benefit can also cause reduced libido and erection quality however, so many people run Deca with some testosterone.

trenbolone (tren) -ILLEGAL – Trenboline is a 4,9,11 triene making it one of the most potent steroids you can buy.  It tends to have some side effects like night sweating and aggression.  This product is only available on the black market.

Dienolone (tren Prohormone) – ILLEGAL – Dienolone was made illegal in 2009 and numerous raids on “tren” products ended with companies paying millions of dollars in fines to the US government.

19NorAndrostenedione – ILLEGAL – 19NorDione is a prohormone to Deca which is a prized anabolic steroid that people use to run with low side effects.

19NorAndrostenediol – ILLEGAL – 19NorDiol is also a prohormone to Deca which is a prized anabolic steroid.

19NorAndrosterone – legal – 19NorAndrosterone is still legal prohormone to “Deca” that people run who wish to have very low side effects.