Beastdrol – Superdrol Clone

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Beastdrol – Superdrol Clone

Guy lifting Weight Plate.beastdrol is another superdrol clone, even though superdrol is illegal and banned in most sports and professional organizations. superdrol has a sorted history, with claims from the original marketer that it was the safest product around then the reports of liver damage, high cholesterol and massive blood pressure spikes started rolling in. Once these started being reported the original marketer changed their story and told people to be careful with superdrol since it was pretty toxic to people who are at risk. If you are looking to buy beastdrol, you will certainly want to read this article on it’s side effects!


beastdrol Structure

You can recognize any superdrol clone because you will see a 2a,17a-dimethyl and then some steroid name meaning DHT. Since it is a DHT compound, it is going to be very androgenic and dry. It will also survive the first pass liver metabolism, making it hang around extremely long for a steroid. Being a dry compound you will get most of the same dry effects like joint pain, extreme pumps, extreme strength and also lean gains. Make no mistake, this is a very potent steroid that does put weight and strength on you, but it comes at a pretty high cost to your body. The “mass” gained is mostly water, but the strength is all real. Being dry, the water is held in the muscle cell, so unlike “bloat” compounds this makes you hold cellular water which people often mistake for muscle.

beastdrol Effects

Methastadrol is 100% illegal and is not really a steroid you will want to use long term. The gain on it are very low quality compared to the harsh side effects. Still, as a steroid it will help you shed excess fat if you combine it with proper diet and exercise. Additionally, it will cause a good gain in strength and aggression. Unfortunately, it just has too many side effects for the amount of benefits you get. The muscle “water” is easily lost after the cycle and it’s likely your cholesterol values will be seriously skewed unless you are very strict on your diet. This compound is just too dry to make for a fun cycle. Stack that with the fact that beastdrol is illegal and you have a product you will want to avoid.

beastdrol will help with strength and will put some size on you, but the side effects and loss of mass so quickly after a cycle make this one only meant for very experienced users who are willing to break the law.

What Kind Of Results Will I Get From beastdrol?

beastdrol is a steroid hormone that will give you big increases in strength and some immediate muscle water weight.  It’s common for people to gain 20% on their bench and also put on 15-20lbs on a cycle.  Unfortunately, much of  the weight gain is lost immediately after the cycle which is why beastdrol isn’t very good for people that want long term results.  That’s the problem with these 17aMethyl steroids, you get a lot of muscle water that you end up losing very quickly after you stop your cycle.

Similar Effects – Less Risk

We recommend a stack that is similar in effects (mass kept after a cycle) but with almost none of the very horrific side effects of beastdrol. This stack is from two companies and should very much be a better alternative to beastdrol since it won’t have the liver stress and also will combine a wet and a dry compound. You should always stack a wet compound in with your stack to give you maximum mass gains, so we recommend 3beta-hydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one and also 5ahydroxyprogesterone. These two products should give you similar mass retention gains as beastdrol without the liver stress and extreme painful back spasms.

If you want to undo the effects of environmental estrogens and endocrine disruptors, yet still take a legal dietary supplement, you will want to avoid things like beastdrol and stick with legal dietary supplements. You may not gain 18lbs in a 3 week cycle, but most people that run superdrol clone products end up losing most of that anyway. This causes a lot of problems, since first of all everyone will think you are on steroids, especially when you lose 12 of that 18 pounds in 2 weeks.

M-drol Prohormone Alternative

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