Boladrol – A Very Potent Prosteroid

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Boladrol – A Very Potent Prosteroid

Guy Flexing Bicepboladrol is a new steroid that has appeared on the market, introduced by IBE and it might be one of the most potent steroids ever released. Unfortunately, there is just no way it is legal in my opinion and further puts anything hormonal on the chopping block. When companies release what they know is a chemically altered steroid, it causes a lot of problems for the industry. boladrol was most likely lifted right from Seth Robert’s book anabolic Pharmacology as a potential steroid for the market.


boladrol Structure

boladrol is a prohormone to the potent steroid Bolasterone. It is 7a,17a di methyl androst-4-ene-3,17 diol which is the first commercial di-methyl product to hit the market with a 7,17 position.  This will make it very potent and give it a extremely long half life in the body. As you might know, the 17aMethyl system is responsible for most of the liver stress from steroids and is 100% chemically altered and illegal by the FDA.  The 7a Methyl is a bit of a mystery on why it imparts such a potent boost to most steroids. It will obviously block conversion to 6 and 7 hydroxy versions of a steroid which are very common routes of metabolism but most steroids fit into the 11bHSD enzyme and create 11-Hydroxy versions except for androsterone based products which fit in backwards to make the 7-Hydroxy versions.  It is quite possible that the 7a-methyl serves to block the 6 carbon reduction without changing the shape in a negative way or actually increasing the potency via the shape change.


There is simply no data on the safety of this product. By the looks of the ingredient it would appear that it would be highly liver stressing, so most people would want to avoid all alcohol, drugs and medications (even OTC pain medications) while taking this steroid. Additionally, it is going to throw off the very potent 7,17 dimethyl estradiol estrogen, so be very careful about gyno with this product, since it will likely cause gynocomastia (bitch tits) in many of the users. It’s wise to take an estrogen blocker and aromatase inhibitor with this product to keep it from turning into this extremely potent estrogen.  Hair loss shouldn’t be any more or less prevalent than other chemically altered steroids, meaning it could occur, but isn’t as worse or better with this steroid.

Oddly enough because of the potent estrogen metabolite of this product, you will likely have less chance of high blood pressure and altered cholesterol values from this steroid, but the risk for gyno (bitch tits) goes up exponentially while taking this product.

The Unknown Effects Of boladrol

Gains from this steroid are likely to come quickly, because it should be a strong inhibitor of 11b-hydroxylase. This means it will feel like you are putting on tons of muscle, but in fact you are simply gaining intercellular water weight. Still, if you can handle the side effects, you should grow with this steroid. The move for most people to stick with a natural hormone that is already in the body is starting to happen and people are starting to reject these harsh, chemically altered steroids because they see that the mass gains are easy come and easy go. Bolasterone was never really available on the mass market, so not a ton is known about it’s long term effects. This should be a potent steroid that only the very knowledgeable and experienced should consider. If you are eager to make your body a science project and want to experiment with everything that comes on the market, then you will love this product. If you are more conservative about your body and what goes in it, you will want to avoid this one.

Low Quality Muscle

The problem with boladrol is not that it will make you test positive for steroids or even that it isn’t very potent. It’s that the muscle gained on this product is very low quality. If you want to take a natural prohormone to make very fast and aggressive gains, the best solution is to use a real quality hormone like 3bhydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one. This will give you 8-12lbs of muscle in a 30 day run instead of 18lbs in 3-4 weeks, but it will be 8-12 pounds that you can keep! This makes all of the difference. 3Beta-Hydroxyandrost-5-Ene-17-One is a true prohormone that converts to testosterone.

testosterone is your body’s natural hormone, not a synthetic anabolic steroid like halotren , so you know what you are getting. It doesn’t have the cholesterol damaging effects of halovar and will be better at building mass.

Using 3Beta-Hydroxyandrost-5-Ene-17-One to convert to testosterone, you will still get the same fat loss and muscle mass benefits of foreign prosteroids like halotren, without the liver stress and without the embarrassment of too much muscle that you lose almost instantly. Solid, quality muscle gains faster than you could do on your own is the goal!