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This ingredient has numerous names, some call it Geranamine, some call it dimethylamylamine, some call it 1,3 and even others call it geranium oil extract.  What is it exactly?  It’s a stimulant that was released by Ergopharm in 2006 that is derived from Geraniums.  It’s a constituent of the oil that is mentioned in a Chinese paper which caused all of the controversy…

Other names for this ingredient are:

dimethylamylamine, geranamine, Methylhexanamine, Forthan, Forthane, Floradrene, Methylhexanenamine, 4-methylhexan-2-amine

Dimethylamylamine Controversy

It was written up in none other than the Washington Post that dimethylamylamine was being produced illegally.  In fact she even got a comment on it from the US FDA and Don Caitlin, who clearly has a bone to pick with legal dietary supplements. In fact, Caitlin was quoted as saying “This stuff ought not be out there,” Catlin said. “It’s dangerous material.”.

Dangerous material?  Since 2006 when Caitlin made these statements, we know of no injuries or deaths associated to dimethylamylamine and in fact it’s proven to be reasonably safe when used in sane amounts.  It is now 2011 and I know of not one major adverse effect for this ingredient.  However since then Caitlin has been on a crusade to witch hunt the dietary ingredient and has participated in several lawsuits and helped, according to our research to get the ingredient banned in most sports.

I for one believe in the right for sports organizations to ban anything they see fit, however for us “regular citizens” we would like the freedom to put whatever we choose into our bodies as long as it is reasonably safe and has a positive benefit.  That benefit might be as simple as amping you up in the gym or getting you through a rough day.  What’s the positive benefit of bacon?  Does it have risks? Bacon has a very small benefit, it tastes good, which on the “benefit scale” is far less than dimethylamylamine, yet no one is clamoring to take it off the market.


Enter The Opportunists…

People seem to enjoy dimethylamylamine, since it is in most of the top selling weight loss and preworkouts on the market.  Clearly there is a benefit to taking this substance that people enjoy.  Companies that don’t sell dimethylamylamine have been alleged to be funding articles warning of the ingredient’s illegal status and how “dangerous” it is.  Additionally, the Sports Doping people are full steam ahead trying to categorize all people the same was as athletes.  It’s sad that this ingredient might be taken off the market because some people want to get grant money and “consulting fees” to demonize the ingredient.

Dimethylamylamine effects

The ingredient is not really much like ephedrine, no matter what Amy Shipley alleged. It’s quite different structurally and is similar in safety to synephrine more than ephedrine.  The effect of straight geranamine is really a low end stimulant that isn’t particularly strong.  Mixed with caffeine, this ingredient seems to help curb appetite and increase focus more than anything. On it’s own doses of 25-50mg are barely felt.

It is however a good product to add in addition to caffeine, synephrine and other stimulants.  It is only advised that people over 18 use this product and that you be in good overall health. Let’s be honest, American’s like their stimulants. From the caffeine pills of the 80’s to the ephedrine craze of the 90’s and the “energy drink/energy shot” mixes in the last decade, it appears that stimulants are something that adults love to consume. Along those lines if taken with respect, they seem to be very safe. Even the “poster child” ephedrine was only really banned because of it’s ease of use to make MethAmphetemine, not because of the dangers. In fact the reports of “deaths and side effects” were so exaggerated compared to other ingredients like Yohimbine that is seems like ephedrine was only targeted to keep “METH” off the streets (they could have just been honest about it) since other stimulants like Synpehrine and Yohimbine have been left alone.

Safety of Dimethylamylamine

Safety of Ingredient: Geranium has been used for centuries as a topical treatment for eczema, dermatitis and acne and has been used as a flavoring agent for tea and jelly(1,2,3,4,5).

Geranamine has an LD50 of 185 mg/kg, intraperitoneally in the mouse. As a direct comparison, using a pharmacologically similar compound (albeit much stronger) “Intraperitoneal MP was approximately twice as potent as oral MP(Methylphenidate)” we can do an IP dose vs an oral dose standard.  Based on similar pharmakinetics for the compunds, we can reasonably conclude that the LD50 oral dose of this ingredient would be roughly 1,956mg (6) or nearly 100 capsules of a 20mg per capsule product (more than one complete bottle).

Products with dimethylamylamine still on the market

There are many products still for sale with this interesting and exciting ingredient in them. Dr. Todd Lee, Medical Doctor and bodybuilding enthusiast chooses these two as his top products with DMAA in them:

Top Recommended Diet Pill

Rezolution – a strong DMAA and caffeine based stimulant that causes extreme weight loss when combined with diet and exercise.

Top Recommended Preworkout Supplement

Wyked – a strong DMAA and caffeine based preworkout that gives amazing pumps and extreme focus during a workout.