Epi Tren – Prohormone Review

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Epi Tren – Prohormone Review

Guy StandingEpi tren by some total shell company called BOSC Enterprises is gone from the market, being made an anabolic steroid in 2009 and also the source of raids on retailers.  Epi tren is another one of the long list of “clone” companies, which are basically shell companies that have no web site, no business, probably no insurance and no contact information. These are just companies that spring up to sell gray market anabolic steroids on the US market through various US retailers.  The problem with these shell companies is that if you have a claim, they typically don’t have insurance to protect you.

EPI tren Ingredients

Epi tren contains a blend of two steroids that really don’t share much in common. I suppose they make an “ok” stack, but not very inspiring.  The Epi portion is short for “epistane” which is a breast cancer drug sold in Japan.  This steroid doesn’t have much research as an anabolic and it is not a particularly good builder. It is good for people that have gyno I suppose, but as an anabolic it leaves a lot to be desired.  The “tren” portion is estra 4,9 dione which was released in late 2002 by PharmagenX.  This is a true prohormone, not an anabolic steroid that is mild on side effects yet still a good mass builder.  Unfortunately, “tren” has been turned into a schedule III anabolic steroid by the DEA, so possession and selling of this now carries a heavy price legally.

The ingredients in Epi tren are:

Estra-4 9-Diene-3 17-Dione 30mg
2a, 3a-Epithio-17a-Methyletioallocholanol 10mg

This is a pretty good dose of each steroid and the suggestion of 3 capsules per day is not too far off the mark at all.

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Safety of Epi tren

I suppose Epi tren is fairly safe, since both steroids are pretty mild.  The tren component is better than the Epi portion which is the only reason I wouldn’t touch this steroid. I am just not a fan of the “epistane” molecule since it is pretty harsh without much benefit.  Overall this is a mild product, but it is still possible to have side effects like liver stress due to the 17aMethyl in the epistane along with other sides like hair loss. tren, while technically now illegal is a naturally occurring prohormone that is very mild for the user. Too bad it’s gone from the US market it could have helped  people supplement their diet. You can read about the best prohormones out now and also the difference between a prohormone and active steroid by clicking on their links in blue.

Why This Isn’t A Good Pro-steroid

Prosteroids that use the 17a Methyl delivery system can be trouble when you stack them with alcohol, drugs and over the counter pain killers to mention a few items, so be very careful with this blend if you are taking or have taken any of these. The main issue with this product is that it will “bloat” you with 20lbs of water and you will lose more than half of it when you go off cycle. All the 17aMethyl prosteroids do this via 11-Hydroxylase inhibition and it isn’t quality mass. It’s much better to use natural prohormones and potentially gain 12lbs you can keep. The gains you make from these are low quality and you will lose most of them when you go “off cycle”. The steroids in Epi tren are no different from this class of compounds. This looks bad, isn’t good for you and can get very frustrating. To lose most of your gains over time is a real issue with prosteroid products like Epi tren. Although this isn’t quite as bad with Epi tren, it’s still a factor.