Epidrol Review

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Epidrol Review

epidrol is yet another epistane clone that is on the market.  This compound was brought to market as a Japanese breast cancer drug which makes it suspect as an anabolic right there.  I wouldn’t put anything in my body that was meant originally for women.  Still, epistane is a decent product for cutting, but overall it’s not worth the side effects when there are much better natural choices on the market.

epidrol Structure

epidrol is a 5a reduced steroid which means it will have most of the bad side effects found with methyl-dht based products. It also has a 3 epithio group which is a problem for people who are allergic to sulfur, since it is a sulfur containing molecule.  Other than that it has the classic 17a Methyl group that is a chemical alteration which causes the molecule to resist liver deactivation.

M-drol Prohormone Alternative

epidrol Effects

epidrol is a lean mass builder, meaning it will most likely put on 5-7lbs on a 30 day cycle. This makes it very weak as a steroid and more suited to cutting cycles or to help with gyno.  The gains on epidrol are likely to be quality since this steroid won’t put on a lot of inter cellular water weight like superdrol.  As steroids go, it is fairly mild with respect to both gains and strength. It should help reduce any sort of gyno you have developed and may assist with fat loss due to it being a 5a reduced androgen.

epidrol Side Effects

This is the problem with epidrol. It has too many side effects to justify using it when there are so many cleaner compounds on the market. epidrol is likely to cause liver toxicity since it is 17a Methylated. Additionally many users report hair loss, joint pain from excessive dryness and spikes in blood pressure with this compound.  None of these are as severe as superdrol, but still for the potency of this compound you would be better using something else like 5aOHP instead which gives the same strength and mass gains without the liver stress from epidrol.