Epistane Review

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Epistane Review

Guy Standingepistane Havoc is a very odd grey market steroid that surfaced about 3 years ago. It’s had quite a few different names from a variety of companies, but the top two are epistane and havoc. Both of these denote the steroid 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol.

epistane Contains The Wrong Compound?

epistane had some serious controversy when a european website tested this supplement and found that the ingredients didn’t match the product label. This means that some unknown ingredient is in the epistane product. It appears to still be a steroid, but no one knows exactly what’s in it. That makes it very dangerous to use epistane, since the actual ingredient is unknown.

epistane is a anti-gynocomastia drug that was developed in Japan. It seems to have anti-estrogenic qualities plus some anabolic qualities based on the reviews. It is thought of as a solid lean mass builder, that won’t put a ton of size on you, yet will help increase strength and lean mass.

epistane can’t convert to estrogen or DHT, since it structurally doesn’t have that ability, so side effects will be mild. Being a 17aMethyl steroid, it does have the potential for liver stress, but that doesn’t seem to be a huge issue with epistane. There aren’t a lot of reports of liver stress or damage with epistane like some of the harsher prosteroids.

Legally, epistane is a grey market steroid. While not illegal to posses, it is illegal to sell this steroid and is on the FDA watch list. If the FDA does ban this steroid, be prepared to receive a call from them verifying your purchase like they have with many other prosteroids.

Structure-What is epistane

epistane is similar to DHT or winstrol in structure, so it is obvious why it has mild mass building effects. epistane is a decent strength product, but won’t put a lot of size on you. The long term effects of epistane are unknown, so it is impossible to tell the long term side effects, but like most 17aMethyl steroids it may effect mood, cholesterol and liver enzymes.

Even though many users report very mild gains, this steroid is still in the grey market. It’s important that anyone be over 21 before they use any prohormones, be in good health and avoid compounds like epistane that are 17aMethyl to help save your liver.

epistane is an anabolic steroid that can go by the nomenclatures 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol, 2a,3a-epithio17a methyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-androstan and a few other variations. epistane is an effective anabolic for lean muscle gain and is also good because it does not convert to estrogen. It has also been reported to increase libido during its use.

epistane -what can I expect?

epistane exerts effects on the androgen receptors in the body as well as muscle stem cells. As with all anabolics compounds, at high enough dosages in the body, muscle mass increases with exercise and protein synthesis positively shifted for the user. Muscle stem cells are positively shifted towards increasing the muscles potential for growth and repair which means more mass and quicker recovery.

What is a Pulse cycle and is it a good approach for epistane?

“Pulsing” a substance means to administer it to yourself in dosages that help to avoid long term sides effects such as htPA suppression or liver toxicity. Pulsing helps to avoid serious side effects to long-term chronic methylated steroid use and can diminish side effects like acne and hair loss as well.

Do I need to run some sort of liver protectant and/or post cycle therapy with the use of epistane?

The answer to the both questions is simply. Methylated steroids always require both liver care and PCT if you’re smart and want to stay healthy.