Finaflex 550-XD – Prosteroid Review

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Finaflex 550-XD – Prosteroid Review

Guy Standingfinaflex 550-D was a steroid that was on the market for a short time. I am going to lay it out for you, this supplement was just bad news. It was an unintelligent mix of ingredients that was clearly put together by someone who has no knowledge of steroid pharmacology. The ingredients are like many clone companies a mix of anything that sounds “cool” without thought on what this would do to the consumer who has to take this product and clean up the mess. They have discontinued the current finaflex 550-XD when one of the ingredients was made illegal. This will be a quick finaflex review discussing finaflex XD, which is now an illegal anabolic steroid.

Here are the ingredients and I will discuss each of them in order.

finaflex 550-XD 550mg

2a,17a-Dimethyl-etiocholan-3-one, 17-ol 10mg – This is simply superdrol a harsh prosteroid that is implicated in liver stress.

Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione 25mg – This ingredient is now illegal and considered a controlled substance. You can read about this here in the tren Xtreme write up.

Bergamottin (6, 7,-dihydroxybergamottin (DHB) 50mg – This ingredient is supposed to block liver enzymes. This in combination with the superdrol molecule could make for a very dangerous combination.

3, 17 ketoetiochol-triene 10mg – This is where I get irritated. This is ATD, which was introduced by Gaspari Nutrition. Unfortunately, with the above steroids, you are going to reduce estrogen significantly and the addition of ATD will likely destroy any estrogen left in your system.  Estrogen is supposed to be in your body and dropping it to near zero is very bad for your blood pressure and cholesterol. There is no reason to add in an aromatase inhibitor to this mix. In our opinion it will do more harm than good and has no business being in a supplement with “superdrol“.

Milk Thistle (80% Silymarian) 120mg – This obviously is for liver support and a good inclusion.

NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) 250mg – This ingredient also offers liver protection and is a good inclusion in the product.

If they would have left out the ATD, you might have had a decent product. It had plenty of liver supporting agents and also these two ingredients stack reasonably well together. This is simply a case with finaflex of adding in too many ingredients that “sound cool” and not knowing what you are doing.Overall, finaflex 550-XD was a very potent prosteroid that could cause long term problems for people who are not experienced or have pre-existing conditions.

finaflex side effects would be similar to “superdrol (TM)” which are altered cholesterol values, high blood pressure, liver stress and low quality muscle bloat. Due to it being a DHT compound, hair loss is certainly an issue with any product containing 2a,17a-Dimethyl-etiocholan-3-one, 17-ol.

finaflex 550-XD Low Quality Muscle

The big problem with superdrol and the products containing it, is that any muscle gained is likely to be lost as soon as the steroid is stopped. This is because the 20lbs you gain isn’t really “muscle” it is in fact cellular water (which is different from estrogen water retention). The common cycle of superdrol is a gain of 18lbs and then a loss of 13lbs after the cycle. This water bloat isn’t quality mass gains and doesn’t contribute to overall healthy muscle gain.

This is a problem for most people because everyone knows you are on steroids when you gain 20lbs in 4 weeks, only to lose 15lbs of that 2 weeks later. Unless you like being looked at as a “roid head” you will want to avoid superdrol for this reason and this you will also avoid supplements that have “superdrol” in them like Finadlex 550-XD.

testosterone Is Best

The illegal steroid community is starting to discover that testosterone is the best androgen you can take as a man over 21. You want to increase it to balance out the constant bombardment of Xeno-Estrogens in the diet. These come from BPA in soft drinks, which is a strong estrogen along with most other chemicals you drink and eat from plastics. We feel that this increase in testosterone is necessary for the modern man due to the imbalance caused by all of these chemical estrogens in the diet. Many people are finding it necessary to supplement the diet with a prohormone to testosterone to offset the imbalance of estrogen to testosterone that is caused by these environmental factors. You can buy a prohormone that converts to testosterone by clicking on the banners below.