H-Drol Review and Side Effects

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H-Drol Review and Side Effects

H-Drol Guyh-drol is a trade name for the anabolic steroid 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4- diene-3-17b-diol, which is technically a prohormone to Oral Turinibol, an East German steroid that was popular with Olympians in the 1960’s.

h-drol reviews are usually very good because this steroid does put clean muscle on you without the horrible side effects commonly associated with harsher steroids like superdrol/m-drol.  Most h-drol Reviews call it a very mild mass builder with little side effects, but there are some problems with h-drol usage too. The good side is that h-drol doesn’t seem to cause issues with estrogen, hair loss or painful back pumps like other harsher prosteroids. It’s probably one of the more mild prosteroids due to this, but the mild nature of this compound makes people feel more safe taking it, which means that they often stack it or extend their cycles. This could in theory cause issues because it is still a 17aMethyl steroid that could stress the liver.

H-Drol Prohormone Alternative

h-drol Structure

The 1,4-Diene is the base for things like Equipoise and D-Bol, but h-drol adds a 4-Chloro modification to the steroid which makes it much less potent than the schedule III anabolic steroids D-Bol and Equipoise. Being a 17aMethyl steroid, h-drol is very bioavailable and you don’t need to take anything to increase absorption since it will resist liver and intestinal deactivation and clearance. The 4-Chloro group blocks all conversion to estrogen and DHT, which means you won’t get any bloat from h-drol like you’d see with D-Bol for example. However it can still cause gyno in very rare cases, so be careful when using h-drol.

The Bad Of h-drol

halodrol was the original name for the ingredient 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4- diene-3-17b-diol. This was released in late 2005 as a blend with madol and sold in 50mg tablets.  This was a decent blend with some sound science behind it.  The problem is that most h-drol clones out there now, use a blend of tons of ingredients that don’t make sense. The original H Drol does contain only the main steroid and that makes it fairly legit as a muscle builder. It happens to be totally illegal though, which is a problem for anyone who is ever drug tested.

Like superdrol, h-drol side effects can be liver stress, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These h-drol side effects are seen in most people that use them.  Another h-drol side effect is that you will test positive for the anabolic steroid Turinibol, which is banned by many work and athletic organziations. Because h-drol uses the same 17aMethyl delivery system as superdrol and other potent anabolic steroids, it is often dangerous when abused or when used by someone who might have a pre-existing condition.  h-drol side effects are rare, but they do happen. It’s often with people who abuse the steroid and take either too much of it or use it for too long.

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Low Quality Muscle

The other big problem that I notice with many h-drol reviews is that the users lose a lot of their muscle when the supplement is stopped.  Even using something for PCT, many people lose their muscle almost instantly. That’s because these 17aMethyl steroids put water “bloat” on your instead of real solid mass.  The bloat appears to be “muscle” but it is lost almost instantly after a cycle. This is less pronounced with h-drol but that only makes it less attractive compared to other prohormones on the market that are not 17aMethyl (liver toxic) steroids.

h-drol is fairly mild as far as steroids go, but there are non-17aMethyl alternatives out there that use the same 1,4-diene skeleton as h-drol without being liver toxic.  You will probably end up gaining as much on these less harsh steroids because h-drol was never much of a mass builder even though it is fairly toxic.