Halodrol 50 Review and Effects

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Halodrol 50 Review and Effects

Guy Flexing BicepThis is NOT the halodrol you will find in the stores, this is the original halodrol 50 designer steroid released by Gaspari in 2006. To read a review of halodrol Liquigels or halodrol MT click on these links:

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halodrol 50 was an anabolic steroid released by Gaspari Nutriton in 2006. It contained the prohormone to turinibol, 4-Chloro-17aMethy-androsta-1,4-diene diol. This steroid is considered very mild in terms of side effects since the 4-Chloro stops conversion to numerous by products that are unwanted. The 4-Chloro group prevents conversion to both estrogen and DHT.


The main compound in halodrol 50 is also in other knock off clones such as h-drol and other like it. halodrol also allegedly had a “contamination” issue reported by Don Caitlin. This contamination was 25mg of Madol, or otherwise know as pheraplex (p-Plex). This made the combination stronger than the original, but also opened it up to more side effects. Madol, seems to have estrogenic activity on its own or can convert to estrogen, since it is considered a wet steroid. Also, Madol does have reports of a lot of hairloss concerns.

It is a mystery why Gaspari didn’t report this steroid on the label, since Madol is a potent and well known steroid and complimented the 4-Chloro product quite well. One can suspect that cost was a factor or perhaps potency was the motivator to “contaminate” halodrol 50

halodrol 50 came in 50mg tablets that were advised to be split and taken in divided doses. These tablets should be quite potent, yet still have the same issues with all designer steroids using the 17aMethyl deliver system.

The muscle gained with halodrol 50 tends to be low quality water weight, that is quickly lost after a cycle. People reported 18-20lbs of gains in a 4 week cycle. halodrol 50 can cause liver stress in those people susceptible or who abuse other drugs and alcohol, so be careful when running halodrol 50. Most of the halodrol 50 clones on the market only contain the 4-Chloro compound, so you are not getting the same muscle as the original halodrol 50 from Gaspari.

halodrol Is Low Quality Muscle

The major problem with halodrol 50 is that much of the muscle gained is lost when you stop using the steroid. This is because the 18lbs you gain isn’t really “muscle” it is in fact cellular water. The common cycle of halodrol 50 is a gain of 18lbs and then a loss of 13lbs after the cycle which isn’t the best scenario for the bodybuilder wanting to keep quality muscle.

This quick gain and loss is a problem because everyone knows you are on steroids when you gain 18lbs in 3-4 weeks, only to lose 13lbs of that mass when you stop the steroid. Unless you like being looked at as a “roid head” you will want to avoid halodrol 50 for this reason.  

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