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Helladrol is a prohormone thatGuy lifting Weight Plate. is basically a “clone” of the halodrol molecule, first brought to market by Gaspari Nutrition.  Unfortunately it was never considered very potent, so much so that allegedly Gaspari Nutrition “spiked” the product with an anabolic steroid to make it stronger.  It was a 50mg tablet that was 25mg of 4-chloro-17a-Methyl-Androsta-1, 4-diene-3,17-diol (haodrol) and 25mg of a steroid that is now illegal called “pheraplex“.  Later this compound was made popular in the h-drol formula that has since been taken off of the shelves.

Helladrol Structure

Helladrol is a pure version of the “halodrol” clone containing only the 4-chloro-17a-Methyl-Androsta-1, 4-diene-3,17-diol. This molecule because of all of the modifications is very mild because it doesn’t interact with many enzymes.  First it has a 4-chloro group which blocks conversion to estrogen and DHT but reduces the potency of the steroid. Also it has a 1,4 structure like D-Bol but doesn’t share the anabolic “mass” effects of D-Bol. Being a 3-hydroxy steroid it is considered a prohormone. Finally, it is a 17aMethyl which makes it orally active yet can cause significant stress on the liver.

Helladrol Effects

This steroid prohormone isn’t a very potent mass builder. You can expect to get about 7-12lbs of mass on a 30 day cycle. Since it isn’t potent, it tends to be very mild in all areas including liver stress, hair loss, blood pressure and gains. It won’t convert to estrogen however it can cause gyno symptoms in some people by freeing up estrogen from SHBG, which can cause gyno. Many people have reported painful back pumps and there are reports of high cholesterol.

The problem with Helladrol is that the compound doesn’t produce huge gains for the amount of side effects you get with it. Throw in that it is illegal and you have a steroid that is really more trouble than it’s worth.  There are many other prohormones that aren’t methylated and thus are not liver toxic and do as good a job or better at putting on mass and size.  There is nothing really “wrong” with Helladrol as a prohormone, it just isn’t that great either.

M-drol Prohormone Alternative