How To Gain Muscle Fast

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How To Gain Muscle Fast

Guy StandingMany people want to know how to gain muscle fast!  This may be due to a variety of reasons but usually there is an event or something that people want to attend to like spring break or a wedding for example. Sometimes people just want to look good because they want immediate changes.  Being a site that covers prohormones and legal steroids, there may be a variety of reasons that you are not gaining weight fast that may be holding you back. These may include a poor exercise program, a bad diet or potentially environmental estrogens that throw off your body’s natural ratio or female to male hormones.


How To Gain Muscle Fast With Diet

Improper diet is the sure fire way you are not gaining muscle fast.  Most young men do not realize that muscle is made up of protein and your body can not store or make protein, so it needs an almost constant supply to feed your muscle.  That means eating protein rich foods to get the full supply of amino acids you need.  Foods that do not have protein are carbohydrate rich foods like candy, cookies, rice, potatoes, fruit vegetables, salad, fries, pasta and other grain based foods.  These won’t allow you to build muscle because they have little to no protein.  Look on the back of the container when you eat something to check the protein content. High protein foods like cottage cheese, meat, fish, eggs, protein powder and chicken need to become a bigger part of your diet.   These ingredients are almost all protein and will add a lot of extra protein to your diet.  You should be taking 1/2 to 1g of protein for every pound you weigh, so a 160lb man should take in between 80 and 160 grams of protein. This will help you in your quest on how to gain muscle fast.

Exercise Plan!

Luckily just about any exercise plan that includes lifting weights will help you gain muscle fast.  Just make sure you are in good health before you start lifting weights and also either read a book or ask someone how to best do a full range of motion.  This means that you need to complete a full rep every time you move a weight. I see so many people in the gym doing half reps and thinking that they are accomplishing something, it’s better to use less weight and move in a full range than to try and look cool and do the exercise wrong. You need to keep pushing yourself also, each week the weight you use on a machine or free barbell should go up by something, even if it’s one pound.  The muscle must be stressed in order to grow!

How To Gain Muscle Fast With Supplements

Once you have your diet and exercise program in check you can help gain mass quickly by adding in supplements to help you grow and to increase your intensity.  The first thing you need is a good creatine supplement in a preworkout. Creatine and other preworkout stimulants will help you increase muscle stamina energy and intensity in the gym. Only when you feel the burn are you truly signaling your muscle to grow.  A preworkout with creatine and stimulants will help you push your workouts much harder which will help you gain muscle fast.

In addition to creatine, many men are wishing to supplement their diet with additional prohormones and andro supplements because of the constant exposure to environmental estrogens (female hormones). These chemicals like pesticides, parabens in soap and BPA in water and food containers both disrupt your ability to produce testosterone they also act like estrogen in the body, making your ratio of male to female hormones out of range.  This sub-optimal ratio may be the reason many men can not gain muscle fast.  If you are over 21 you may use legal steroid prohormones to increase your “androgen” profile and counter act this environmental poisoning.  For men under 21 or drug tested people you may wish to use a more natural testosterone and androgen boosting stack.  (anyone under 18 please always check with your parents before starting any diet and exercise program).  Either way, it’s becoming more clear that men are looking for a way to counter balance the environmental estrogens found in today’s diet.