Legal Prohormones

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Legal Prohormones

Guy Flexing Biceplegal prohormones are quite a bit different and better than the illegal ones.  This article will detail the difference between legal prohormones and illegal ones from both the FDA and DEA perspective. You WANT legal prohormones because you know that something isn’t right. You aren’t feeling your best and your new workout program isn’t giving you all the gains you need!  You may not know it but environmental estrogens may be at the cause, and the only way to counter balance these is to beef up your androgen supply!

legal prohormones – By Whom?

There are two agencies that govern whether a prohormone is legal or not, the DEA and the FDA.  The DEA is very simple, there is a list of hormones that for the right or wrong reasons, have been made illegal as a schedule III anabolic steroid.  Even though we disagree with this law (the anabolic Control Act) it’s the law of the land.  The average “illegal” steroid user is over 30, employed and just wants to look and feel their best.  With all of the environmental toxins ruining our ability to make androgens, it’s no wonder men seek these out.

The FDA has no ability to classify something as an anabolic steroid, they are concerned with DSHEA, which is the law governing dietary supplements.  As long as the product is natural, in the food supply and free from chemical alterations the FDA must prove it is dangerous to take it off the market.  Just because a hormone is for sale doesn’t make it illegal. What makes something illegal if it is different from it’s natural state, meaning it has chemical alterations. Although even this is open to interpretation since esters and ethers seem to be excluded by their definition and may still be a dietary ingredient.

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