The Typical M Drol Cycle

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The Typical M Drol Cycle

Let me be clear, we don’t recommend anyone use MDrol, but if you are not going to listen to our advise and stick with natural testosterone based cycles, then you can read this for some suggestions. Just be advised that this is not medical advise and should only be used for fun and entertainment.

m-drol is a sythetic anabolic steroid that does have some serious cautions. One main problem with m drol cycles is that you tend to lose the muscle you gain off of them quite quickly. This is due to the “gains” being more cellular water than real quality muscle. It’s common for someone to gain 18lbs on m drol then turn around and lose these gains, keeping only 5 or so pounds after the cycle.

If you still want to do m drol, then you should be aware of a few supplements that you might want to take with it and things to avoid.

First, you will want to avoid all other liver stressing activities, that means drinking, cocaine and any other drugs that tax the liver. This means a variety of prescription drugs and OTC drugs are not a good idea. Most certainly Acetaminophen should be avoided, since it is very liver toxic. The trade name for this is Tylenol and has been shown to be quite liver toxic in people who abuse it. Additionally, alcohol should be avoided as well as ephedrine and other liver stressing products.

Second, you might want to take some N-Acetyl Cystine with your m drol Cycle, since NAC has been shown to protect the liver. Additionally, take plenty of fish oil to counter act the cholesterol damaging effects of m drol. When superdrol (the compound in m drol) was first released it was claimed to be side effect free, but we have since learned that it is a potent anabolic steroid that could be an issue if used improperly. A good magnesium supplement isn’t a bad idea either to help keep the blood pressure down.

Finally, use m drol in very short cycles that don’t exceed 3 weeks and don’t stack it with any other prosteroids, since it is quite potent on its own. If you are smart, you can use m drol safely, but as we suggest, its a good idea to NOT take m drol cycles under any circumstance, because recent data suggests it is a harsh prosteroid that isn’t legal or effective. 

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