M1T – Methyl 1-Test Prosteroid Review

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M1T – Methyl 1-Test Prosteroid Review

Guy Flexing Bicepm1t was the most potent steroid ever sold as a supplement. It could put 20lbs of muscle on in about two weeks. What made m1t so potent was the structure but it also seemed to just have a magical quality about the shape that made it so potent.

m1t was originally marketed by LegalGear and then copied by other big names like Gaspari Nutrition and VPX. m1t was the 17aMethyl version of the popular steroid 1-testosterone. Back when m1t was released, the law was not as clearly defined and a 17aMethyl delivery was thought to be legal.

As of 2005, m1t became a schedule III anabolic steroid, making it just as illegal as other steroids like d-bol and testosterone.

m1t could cause some side effects like liver stress for those who were not in good health, extreme back pumps and potentially acne and aggression. Some people also noticed fatigue and lethargy from m1t which was a side effect in it’s parent steroid 1-testosterone.Basic mass banner

As a mass builder, you couldn’t beat m1t, since it took fat off the body yet also put on some serious muscle. Like all 17aMethyl products, the muscle gain is of less quality than the slower gains of other prohormones.

m1t is still available in the UK, but it is 100% illegal to import into the USA, Canada, Australia and other European countries. In the USA, it is illegal to posses or sell m1t, as it is considered an anabolic steroid.

m1t Structure

m1t can’t convert to estrogen or DHT, so the gains you will get should be clean and dry gains. Since it is a 5aReduced steroid, you may experience some hair loss using m1t. m1t is similar to D-Bol in structure, but it doesn’t seem to have any estrogenic effects at all, making it a good thing to stack with testosterone. When it was a legal hormone the m1t, 4-AD stack became quite popular.

Low Quality Muscle

Like any 17aMethyl steroid, the big problem with m1t is that any muscle gained is likely to be lost as soon as the steroid is stopped. This is because the 20lbs isn’t really “muscle” it is in fact cellular water (which is different from estrogen water retention). The common cycle of m1t is a gain of 18lbs and then a loss of 13lbs after the cycle which makes it fairly unpopular unless you are using it right before spring break.

This muscle loss is an issue since everyone knows you are on steroids when you gain 20lbs in 2 weeks, only to lose 15lbs of that 2 weeks later. Unless you like being looked at as a “roid head” you will want to avoid m1t and other 17aMethyl steroids for this reason.