Methastadrol – Superdrol Clone

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Methastadrol – Superdrol Clone

Guy pointingMethastadrol is a superdrol clone that is illegally still on the market.  superdrol is an illegal designer steroid that was once sold as a dietary supplement.  Originally it was reported by the manufacturer to be very safe, even for a 17aMethyl steroid but unfortunately over time the reports of liver toxicity and liver stress kept piling up, making this one of the least desirable steroids still on the market.

Methastadrol Structure

The structure of methastadrol is 2a,17a-dimethyl DHT, so it is going to be very androgenic and also survive the first pass liver metabolism, making it hang around extremely long for a steroid.  It’s an extremely dry compound making things like joint pain an issue. Also the “pumps” and muscle weight are from the 11-hydroxylase inhibition qualities, making this a lean water product.  So, unlike “bloat” compounds this makes you hold cellular water which people often mistake for muscle.


Methastadrol Effects

Methastadrol is 100% illegal and is not really a steroid you will want to use long term.  The gain on it are very low quality compared to the harsh side effects. Still, as a steroid it will help you shed excess fat if you combine it with proper diet and exercise. Additionally, it will cause a good gain in strength and aggression.  Unfortunately, it just has too many side effects for the amount of benefits you get.  The muscle “water” is easily lost after the cycle and it’s likely your cholesterol values will be seriously skewed unless you are very strict on your diet.  This compound is just too dry to make for a fun cycle.  Stack that with the fact that Methastadrol is illegal and you have a product you will want to avoid.

Similar Effects – Less Risk

We recommend a stack that is similar in effects (mass kept after a cycle) but with almost none of the very horrific side effects of Methastadrol.  This stack is from two companies and should very much be a better alternative to methastadrol.  You should always stack a wet compound in with your stack to give you maximum mass gains, so we recommend 3beta-hydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one and also 5ahydroxyprogesterone. These two products should give you similar mass retention gains as methastadrol without the liver stress and extreme painful back spasms.

M-drol Prohormone Alternative