methyl androst

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methyl androst

Guy Flexing BicepWhat is “methyl androst” in a sports supplement? That is the question that most people want to know when looking at a prohormone or prosteroid product. Methy androst is simply a way to describe a chemical modification of a steroid molecule. Most often it is used to describe a 17aMethyl delivery system.  This delivery system is currently illegal in the US, but may be found in gray market prosteroids. The Methyl Androst functional group is simply a way to protect the steroid from metabolism in the intestine by the enzymes 17bHSD and glucoronidase.



These two enzymes are responsible for deactivating many steroids when taken orally.  The 17a Methyl group blocks the activity of these enzymes while still allowing the hormone to be active in the body.  The problem with this chemical modification is that it is presumed to be illegal to sell in the United States and also, this is what is the cause of most of the “side effect” reports of many oral steroids. Using this methyl androst delivery method in combination with drugs, alcohol and over the counter pain medications can cause some serious health issues, like liver stress. Additionally, the steroids using this group will make you test positive for steroids far longer than “natural” prohormones that don’t have this modification. Here is an example of a steroid and it’s 17a methyl androst derivative.


1-Testosterone Prohormone




Methyl 1-Tesosterone







This methyl group is the only change that is required to make a prohormone or prosteroid orally active. Unfortunately the methyl androst function causes a lot of bloating and gives the impression of false gains in mass. With this delivery system people can gain up to 20lbs of “bloat” in 3-4 weeks. This water is quickly lost when the steroid is discontinued.

testosterone Is Still The Best

The illegal steroid community is starting to discover that testosterone is the best androgen you can take as a man over 21. You want to increase it to balance out the constant bombardment of Xeno-Estrogens in the diet. These come from BPA in soft drinks, which is a strong estrogen along with most other chemicals you drink and eat from plastics. We feel that this increase in testosterone is necessary for the modern man due to the imbalance caused by all of these chemical estrogens in the diet. This is why we feel that prohormones to testosterone are the best thing that a man can use to supplement his diet and reverse this imbalance in their body. testosterone won’t cause liver stress it also is much milder on cholesterol and shouldn’t cause any blood pressure issues. You can buy a prohormone to testosterone here