Methyl-S – Prosteroid Review

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Methyl-S – Prosteroid Review

Guy Flexing BicepMethyl-S by Iron Labs is another superdrol clone that was on the market for a brief time and then pulled because as it appears with many of these “clone” companies, they made their money.  Methyl-S has no web site that I can see and it doesn’t seem to even be a legitimate company.  The disservice to the customer is that if they are injured using Methyl-S they can’t track down Iron Labs to file a lawsuit.

superdrol (TM) was introduced to the bodybuilding community in 2004 and was advertised to be very potent without having the negative side effects associated with other prosteroids on the market.  The original marketer was even so bold as to post “bloodwork” to prove the safety of the compound.  Over time the reports of high liver stress, bad cholesterol patterns and high blood pressure started appearing, which caused medical professionals to publish papers on the dangers of “superdrol” and it’s steroid methasteron.

This product can be very dangerous especially if mixed with illegal drugs, alcohol and over the counter pain medication. It has the potential to cause liver stress, bad cholesterol to rise and increased blood pressure for the user. We suggest avoiding Methyl S and others like it if you use any of the above mentioned items or are at risk for liver issues.


Why It Isn’t A Good Pro-steroid

Prosteroids that use the 17a Methyl delivery system can be trouble when you stack them with alcohol, drugs and over the counter pain killers to mention a few items, so be very careful with this blend if you are taking or have taken any of these. The main issue with this product is that it will “bloat” you with 20lbs of water and you will lose more than half of it when you go off cycle. All the 17aMethyl prosteroids do this via 11-Hydroxylase inhibition and it isn’t quality mass. It’s much better to use natural prohormones and gain 12lbs you can keep. The gains you make from these are low quality and you will lose most of them when you go “off cycle”. The steroids in Methyl-S is no different from this class of compounds.

testosterone Is Best

The illegal steroid community is starting to discover that testosterone is the best androgen you can take as a man over 21. You want to increase it to balance out the constant bombardment of Xeno-Estrogens in the diet. These come from BPA in soft drinks, which is a strong estrogen along with most other chemicals you drink and eat from plastics. We feel that this increase in testosterone is necessary for the modern man due to the imbalance caused by all of these chemical estrogens in the diet. Many people are finding it necessary to supplement the diet with a prohormone to testosterone to offset the imbalance of estrogen to testosterone that is caused by these environmental factors.

M-drol Prohormone Alternative