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Do steroids Make Your Penis Shrink Or Do steroids Make Your Penis Grow?

This is a common question that many people want to know before they use a cycle of steroids or legal steroids like prohormones. If you don’t know what a prohormone is compared to an active anabolic steroid I suggest you read this article PROHORMONE.  steroids are only active in the penis if you are under 18 and still in a growth stage.  So, steroids can make your penis small or make your penis bigger if you are under 18 and still growing. This is why we always suggest people who use prohormones or anabolic steroids be over 21 because you can certainly cause some either desirable or undesirable effects based on taking steroids at a young age.

There is some retarded article on the internet that everyone is reposting that discusses the short term effect on libido and your ability to get an erection.

This is for information purposes only, but I feel strongly that people should know about steroids and penis growth because the dangers of steroids are over exaggerated and the benefits can be profound. Dry steroids (ones that don’t convert to estrogen) should in theory increase the size of your penis if you are under 21 and wet steroids (ones that convert to or act like estrogen)  should in theory decrease the size of your penis if you are under 21.  This same mechanism will also have an effect on your height as well. Dry steroids should increase height, while wet steroids should decrease height. If you are under 21 and want to try and increase both height and penis size, I suggest you use a more simple mechanism…Creatine. Creatine will alter the levels of androgens in your body, shifting to a higher DHT level, which can increase your penis size. Creatine has been proven to be safe in teens through the elderly.  Trying to use a steroid or prohormone is way too complicated for the average person, so I implore you to avoid this.


steroids And Penis Over 21 – NO EFFECTS ON PENIS

steroids will have no effect on your penis either good or bad if you are over 21 and done growing. The misconception that steroids make your penis shrink is because of their effect on the testicles.  steroids will certainly make your balls shrink temporarily because when you are on a cycle of steroids your balls shut down production, causing them to shrink slightly.  This effect will reverse itself in 1-2 months after a cycle or you can use post cycle therapy to increase that recovery time.

So, to dispel the age old myth, steroids will not shrink, make smaller, make bigger, increase or alter your penis size. Fortunately or unfortunately, by the time you hit roughly 21 your penis is your penis and nothing will make it bigger or smaller long term. steroids are only active in penis growth while you are still growing. So stop worrying about your penis and try to tell the world that this myth needs to DIE. With this information you can truly know about your penis on steroids.