Pheraplex – Now An Illegal Steroid

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Pheraplex – Now An Illegal Steroid

Purchase Prohormonespheraplex (phera plex) was an anabolic steroid that was sold as a sports supplement. It was banned from sale in the US in 2009 and has become a schedule III anabolic steroidpheraplex was never really legal in the US, since it has the 17aMethyl chemical modification. Previously, it was theorized that this was legal, but further review of the law rendered the opinion that a 17a Methyl delivery is not legal.

Phera plex is the trade name for the anabolic steroid “madol” or 17aMethyl- androst-2-ene-17b-ol or DMT (deoxy-methyl-testosterone). The steroid was loosely based on an elephant pheromone, but used a chemical alteration to make it much more potent.

Users reported wet gains of between 13-18lbs on a 30 day cycle of phera plex.  Even though it wouldn’t appear to be a wet compound, based on its structure, pheraplex caused extra cellular water, like an estrogenic compound. These gains are low quality gains like many of the 17a Methyl based steroids, giving you instant muscle gain and almost as instant muscle loss.

Phera plex was used as a doping agent meant to skirt olympic drug testing and a few athletes got caught using this steroid and were disciplined. As a supplement, Phera plex seemed more safe than the harsher steroids like pharaplex and still offered near instant muscle growth.

pheraplex Structure

Phera Plex has an odd structure for an anabolic steroid.  The classic 3 carbon oxygen is not present on this steroid, making it an odd ball among steroids.  The additional double bond at the 2 position seems to impart a similar effect and gives this steroid an obvious binding to the androgen receptor.

Technically, pheraplex shouldn’t convert to estrogen, but perhaps it has intrinsic estrogenic activity since many users report this being a “wet” steroid that not only gives you muscle growth, but extra cellular water “bloat”.

Low Quality Muscle

The big problem with pharaplex is that much of the muscle gained is lost when the steroid is no longer in your system.  This is because the 18lbs you gain isn’t really “muscle” it is in fact cellular water. The common cycle of pharaplex is a gain of 18lbs and then a loss of 13lbs after the cycle.

This is a problem because everyone knows you are on steroids when you gain 18lbs in 3-4 weeks, only to lose 13lbs of that a few weeks after you stop.  Unless you like being looked at as a “roid head” you will want to avoid pharaplex for this reason.