Prohormone Cycle

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Prohormone Cycle


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Everything you need to know about your prohormone cycle is right here in this article!  I will try and make this as generic as possible for all prohormones and this should obviously not be construed as medical advise.  Additionally, pro hormones of any sort should only be used by men above the age of 21 who are healthy and do not take drugs, alcohol or other unhealthy lifestyle choices.  prohormones can be very harsh if you don’t choose the legal ones, so I suggest you read our article on BEST prohormones before you get started.


We will not ignore that there are many illegal 17aMethyl prohormones and steroids on the gray market, so I am going to cover them, but you should be aware that anything with a 17aMethyl has the potential to cause severe liver stress, especially in those that abuse drugs or alcohol.  Even over the counter pain medications can cause problems with 17aMethyl prosteroids so let the buyer beware.  Additionally, 17aMethyl steroids are technically illegal by FDA law, which means people selling them are taking a big risk.  We have heard of the FDA even calling individuals who purchased these 17aMethyl prohormones to check on the sellers.  So it is our opinion that you should avoid these items and stick with natural 100% DSHEA legal prohormones.  If you choose the illegal prohormones you should keep your cycle length to under 4 weeks and consider liver protecting additions like N-Acetyl-Cystine (NAC). I would personally avoid Milk Thistle and stick with NAC at 1000mg per day.  Also, 17aMethyl prohormones have a big effect on your cholesterol and blood pressure, so adding in a good fish oil supplement (6 capsules per day) and something like hawthorn berry to reduce blood pressure is a good idea.

Natural DSHEA based prohormone cycles don’t have the same liver stress as the illegal 17aMethyl ones so you don’t need to worry about a liver protectant supplement. Altered cholesterol values are possible, so a good fish oil supplement would be a good idea as well. We only promote legal steroid prohormones on this site since they are the more natural and legal choice.


Supplements in addition to things to protect your body like fish oil and NAC, you might want to increase the potency of your cycle by adding in co-factors. L-Carnitine Tartrate has been shown to improve androgen sensitivity. Additionally. Zinc supplements may also help to make your body respond better to androgen hormones. So, consider adding in one or both of these to increase a cycle potency.


There is some value in stacking prhormones that are different kinds. The first is to stack wet with dry prohormones which means stacking a hormone that converts to estrogen with a hormone that doesn’t covert to estrogen. This mixing of hormones means you may in fact get a better response than just using one kind.  I would not suggest you stack two 17aMethyl prohormones since the liver stress can be additive with these compounds. Wet prohormones are typically better for bulking and dry ones are typically better for cutting and strength. However a stack of the two is also good for a clean bulk.


All prohormones have the possibility to cause gynocomastia (breast formation) in some men. 99%+ people do not have this problem, but still even odd ball cases of gyno have been reported from superdrol, so it’s possible with any prohormone you take.  Many people keep an anti-estrogen on hand to block any estrogen knock off or conversion so it’s smart to keep an Anti-Estrogen on hand just in case. Still, the majority of all prohormone users never have an issue even though it is possible.

With that you will have the best chance of successfully using prohormones.