Prohormone Side Effects

Andro Cycle September 17, 2013 Comments Off on Prohormone Side Effects
Prohormone Side Effects

Many people ask about prohormone side effects and andro side effects and wonder if they need to take a “cycle support” product to reduce the negative side effects of using these compounds  The quick answer is…it depends!

Prohormone Side Effects: Liver Damage

The biggest concern for prohormone side effects is about liver damage when on a cycle of prohormones or steroids.  Liver stress or “damage” is caused by the liver trying to release enzymes to clear the steroid and the steroid resisting “clearance”.  The only time a person would need liver damage is when they take the grey market, chemically altered steroids like h-drol, superdrol, m-drol, epistane, dymethazine, MethylStenbolone and countless others with a 17aMethyl group.  This is a chemical alteration that helps the hormone stay active longer but also causes liver stress.

Prohormone Side Effects: Hair Loss

Depending on the prohormone, there is a possibility of hair loss.  Saw Palmetto seems to do a decent job of fixing this but it’s not a concern for most people.  Hair loss used to be pinned only on DHT but more modern theory seems to implicate estrogen and a whole host of other issues.  If you are really worried about this, take propecia it seems to have a lasting effect.

Prohormone Side Effects: Cardiovascular Effects

The harsh side effects on your heart and other organs seem to also come from the chemically altered steroids on the market.   These seem to cause more arterial damage and blood pressure issues.  People often take hawthorn berry for this effect and it’s probably pretty decent but I would suggest you just stay away from the chemically altered steroids.  They are much more harsh on your system and can cause heart and kidney damage from the high blood pressure and actual arterial damage.

Prohormone Side Effects: Aggression

Some prohormones cause anger issues that can cause outbreaks and fights.  This is a true side effect, but it isn’t an issue with all of them. Some prohormones cause aggressive behavior while others actually do the reverse.  Pick one that causes this effect if you want more focus in the gym but have a lifestyle that can accept a little bit of extra aggressive behavior.  Other people will need to consider avoiding these particular hormones.

Prohormone Side Effects: Wrap Up

While andro prohormones do have side effects the vast majority of them come from chemically altered illegal versions, while natural prohormones or even steroids like testosterone don’t seem to have these effects with such severity.