Legal Prohormone Roundup

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Legal Prohormone Roundup

First let me say that legal prohormones do not cause liver toxicity. Nothing we recommend should cause any liver issues in healthy males.  Only the illegal 17a Methyl hormones cause the liver problems associated with steroids.  We will not cover illegal steroids here, since we are concerned with only legal compounds that can be bought in the US.

Here is a list of the last legal prohormones on the market and whether they are dry or wet or a class 1 or class 2 androgen.  First lets discuss what we mean by “dry” or “wet” androgens.

Dry – compounds that can not convert into estrogen and also reduce estrogen in the body. These are mainly good for cutting, strength and fat loss.  Dry compounds have may have some side effects like lethargy (tiredness), spikes in blood pressure (estrogen lowers blood pressure), hair loss, sore joints and altering cholesterol.  Dry compounds typically make you more aggressive in the gym and may really jack up your strength.  Typically dry prohormones are not great as building mass.

Wet – compounds that can convert to or act like estrogen in the body.  Before you get all crazy and ask why you would want these, please understand that estrogen is a normal part of every male physiology and we need it to function. We also need it to build mass. The problem lies with too much estrogen, but if we are taking a dry compound we often end up with too little estrogen which causes side effects. This is why most people stack a wet androgen with a dry androgen.

Class 1 – class 1 prohormones are typically dry prohormones that are DHT based. They will impart strength and lean mass, along with the potential to burn fat.

Class 2 – class 2 prohormones are typically wet prohormones. They can aromatise into estrogen and provide a more natural blend of functions. These are typically used on cycle to add more mass and relieve side effects from a dry prohormone.

M-drol Prohormone Alternative

Class 1 prohormones

1-androsterone – the most potent dry compound on the market. This prohormone turns into 1-testosterone, which is up to 700% more anabolic than testosterone. – Converts to 1-testosterone

5a-epiandrosterone – this is a very dry, lean mass prohormone that converts to stanolone.  This is a great strength and cutting prohormone. – Converts to stanolone

Formestane (4-Hydroxy-androstenedione) – this is a natural aromatase inhibitor that is also a prohormone to OHTestosterone. It is a fairly dry compound but is not very anabolic compared to testosterone.- Converts to Hydroxy-testosterone

17aHydroxy-Pregnane-3,20-dione – this is a very potent class 1 steroid that many people are comparing to the illegal anabolic winstrol. It is a good lean mass and cutting agent. – Active and Converts to stanolone

11-Keto-androstenedione – this is a 11-Keto version of andro, which makes it a dry steroid that converts into 11-Keto-testosterone, which is a very weak steroid for mass building.  – Converts to 11-Keto-testosterone

Class 2 prohormones

3b-hydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one – This is a 5-ene prohormone that is both androgenic and converts to estrogen. It is a perfect hormone to stack with a class 1, since it will ease symptoms and hopefully impart more mass to a stack. – Converts to testosterone.

3b-hydroxy-androst-4-ene-17-one – This is a 4-ene prohormone that is a good class 2 androgen to take on its own. It has less estrogenic activity than the above isomer which makes it a better prohormone to use as a stand alone. – Converts to testosterone.

19Nor-3b-hydroxy-andrst-4-ene-17-one – This is a prohormone to deca, which many people believe helps relieve joint pain and increase overall health.  This is not potent enough to take as a stand alone, but makes a great stack. – Converts to Nandrolone (deca)

17aHydroxy-Pregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione – This is an active hormone and a prohormone to boldenone (equipoise) that is a good mass builder. Converts to Boldenone (EQ)

That is a round up of the legal prohormones on the market. Nothing builds muscle (along with diet and exercise of course) like prohormones.  We have put together some stacks of the most potent class 1 and class 2 prohormones on the market. We hope you like them, but feel free to try your own stacks if you so choose!