Spawn Supplement

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Spawn Supplement

Spawn was a supplement made by a company called Myogenix. Basically it is a mix of two steroids the “tren” estra 4,9 dione product and epistane.  Spawn is relatively mild yet still should be decently anabolic since both compounds are fairly weak, but stacked may compliment each other. spawn supplement is a very bad mix of two dry steroids.

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Spawn contains the estra-4,9-dione steroid that is now a schedule III anabolic steroid in the United States, meaning it is illegal to carry and use this product. epistane is illegal by FDA standards, but is still being sold in very select places.

The estra-4,9-dione product is a fairly mild steroid with limited side effects and it is a hybrid of trenbolone and Nandrolone, sharing more similarity to trenbolone though. It shouldn’t convert to estrogen or DHT, so side effects are minimal with this steroid. About the only side effect may be loss of sex drive.

epistane is a breast cancer drug that was introduced to the US market in 2007 from various manufacturers. It is not known as a very potent steroid which means it won’t pack much mass on you.  Still it is a decent cutting steroid, which is fine for people who wish to lose weight.

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spawn supplement Side Effects

Spawn will most likely cause some mild liver stress since the epistane component is a 17aMethyl steroid.  The 17aMethyl is what causes the liver stress from steroids, but epistane isn’t known to be horrible in this respect. Spwan is a DHT based steroid, so you can expect some potential hair loss from this supplement as well.

The estra-4,9-dione is a very mild prohormone that can cause only one side effect which is the loss of sex drive. It is a potent progestin and androgen that causes mild muscle growth.