Sterodrol Review

Andro Cycle November 15, 2011 2
Sterodrol Review

sterodrol is a product that seems to have taken many twists and turns over the course of its life.  It originally started off containing much more hardcore ingredients, but over time it has been watered down to contain only plant testosterone boosters.  There is nothing wrong with the plant based testosterone boosters in this product, it’s just that they can’t touch the potency of prohormones.

sterodrol Ingredients

sterodrol is a mix of several herbs that all have testosterone boosting potential. The first is Tribulus Alatus, which is quite different from Tribulus Terrestris that is found in many supplements. This ingredient has some preliminary studies showing it may in fact boost testosterone.  The next ingredient is physalis somnifera which is better known as Ashwagandha , an adaptogenic herb that that also may boost testosterone and reduce cortisol.  Next comes Japanese knotweed which may reduce estrogen along with potentially boosting testosterone (I assume they are using the 2-PHENYL-BENZO(H)CHROMEN-4-ONE extract). Finally the last two ingredients are ecdysterone and stinging nettle.  Nettle will boost testosterone and ecdysterone may be a natural anabolic.

sterodrol Effects

This formula is actually a decent testosterone boosting, natural anabolic stack that could possibly yield decent results. For herbs the formula looks very solid and should give a nice boost in androgens along with some natural muscle gains. As a natural product there is nothing at all wrong with sterodrol, it just can’t compare to potent prohormones that boost your androgen levels to much higher than anything a herb could do.

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