Superdrol BANNED

Andro Cycle August 2, 2012 Comments Off on Superdrol BANNED

Superdrol BANNED. At the end of the month Superdrol will officially be a Schedule III Anabolic Steroid.  This means that anyone selling, possessing or even giving superdrol to a friend could face jail time and will certainly be positive for drug use.  We have been covering this story for quite a while.  Most people used superdrol in their formulas to boost the instant effect, even though we know that it may be the most unhealthy steroid ever put on the market. Other product names for this steroid are Beastdrol and M-Drol. The product is known typically as superdrol, but the compound is named “mathasterone” and often appeared in the supplement facts as 2a 17a-dimethyl-5a-androst-3-one-17b-ol.

Superdrol was released by Designer Supplements in 2004 with little fanfare. Once most other steroids had been banned, then DS went heavy into convincing people that superdrol was the safest steroid ever made.They even produced “fake” logs and blood work showing that superdrol was indeed safe and effective.  Unfortunately reports started appearing that Superdrol was causing major damage to cholesterol and the liver.  Then it started to get bad. People were hospitalized and suffered liver damage from superdrol (I am sure due to misuses, but still more than any other steroid of its kind).  That’s when the FDA took notice and started removing superdrol from the market.  The producers just went underground and started selling superdrol at the store level out of the trunks of their cars.  It came to a head when the owner of Competitive Edge Labs was arrested for selling superdrol and presumably tax evasion for selling the compound.

The DEA was painfully slow in moving to ban this product which lead to an amazing 7 year life on the market, even though they were clearly aware of this steroid as early as 2008.  One wonders why an agency with all of the resources would take so long to schedule these steroids.  Either way, if you have superdrol it’s best to get rid of it before August 29, 2012 or risk jail time.