Superdrol Review and Side Effects

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Superdrol Review and Side Effects

Buff guy Superdrolsuperdrol (TM) was an anabolic steroid released in 2005 by Designer Supplements. It is a very potent and potentially harmful steroid that when used by the wrong people could have disastrous consequences. It contained the anabolic steroid 2a,17a di methyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b-ol or also sometimes written as 2a,17a di methyl androstane 3-one, 17b-ol.

superdrol is a hybrid of Anadrol and Methyl DHT. It is a very “dry” compound meaning it won’t convert to estrogen or any estrogen metabolites. This means that the gains you make from superdrol will be very hard and dense. superdrol will have an immediate leaning out effect for people wishing to take it as a cutting aid.

superdrol can put 20lbs of weight on you in about 2-3 weeks, meaning it has the ability to retain a lot of water inside the muscle cell itself. This makes superdrol a favorite among men who are wishing to pack on muscle quickly.

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superdrol Side Effects

superdrol has some very rough side effects, most notably it has the ability to really stress the liver in people prone to that kind of issue. Many people have been sent to the hospital with acute liver damage while using superdrol. This is usually because they have some pre-existing condition, drink heavily or have a history of drug use. Still, the liver stress could be a factor for anyone who is taking a drug or medication. Even simple things like Tylenol can become a dangerous cocktail when mixed with superdrol, so it is very important to be careful with this steroid.

Other side effects of superdrol are normal for dry compounds. Side effects like increased blood pressure, increased bad cholesterol and back pains are possible with this compound. A person taking superdrol should be very careful and should be in near perfect health. Many people take a cycle support product with superdrol, but even that can not ensure that you are not at risk.  UPDATE: superdrol is on the Schedule III docket to be made illegal in 2012.  This means that if you take it, you could test positive for steroid use, once it becomes scheduled.

superdrol Structure

superdrol is an active steroid, meaning it requires no conversion to build muscle. It is very similar to methyl DHT. superdrol is considered one of the harshest compounds on the market and should be taken with extreme caution if you can find it. Due to the 2a and 17a Methyl chemical modifications, it has a very long half life and doesn’t get metabolized quickly.  Oddly, the metabolites of this steroid are 16-Hydroxy variants and also 2-hydroxy variants, which is odd considering it’s structure.


superdrol and it’s maker anabolic Xtreme received a FDA warning letter in 2006 asking the company to remove it from the market. In retrospect, superdrol was never legal by FDA standards and anyone selling it is playing a very risky game. superdrol is currently not scheduled by the DEA, but it is being tested for in most sports doping programs and business drug tests. superdrol was one big factor in anabolic Xtreme receiving a 500,000 dollar fine from the US government.

Muscle Quality

The big problem with superdrol is that any muscle gained is likely to be lost as soon as the steroid is stopped. This is because the 20lbs isn’t really “muscle” it is in fact cellular water (which is different from estrogen water retention). The common cycle of superdrol is a gain of 18lbs and then a loss of 8lbs after the cycle giving you a net gain of only about 10 lbs.  This is a problem because everyone knows you are on steroids when you gain 20lbs in 4 weeks, only to lose 15lbs of that 2 weeks later. Unless you like being looked at as a “roid head” you will want to avoid superdrol for this reason. 

Much of the gains are what are called “inter-cellular” which means that superdrol has an 11-Hydroxylase inhibition quality that makes a person hold water. This isn’t “bloat” like an estrogen compound, more it feels like “muscle” because the water is in the muscle cell.  Once you come off superdrol, the 11-Hydroxylase levels return to normal and you lose that water weight.  Understand, that of the 18lbs gained, 10lbs is lean mass so it’s not like superdrol isn’t potent, it’s just not usually worth the risk.

Also, your strength levels will go through the roof on superdrol because it is a potent androgen. People often put on 50-100bs on their bench press with a cycle of superdrol showing it to be a very potent androgen.  There are some very good alternatives to superdrol on the market that don’t have the nasty side effects, yet will give you the same “net gains” which means after you purge the water.  superdrol has many clones, most of which are off the market. m-drol, beastdrol, methadrol and many others were once available, but are now gone.