Testosterone Supplements

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Testosterone Supplements

Body Builder Posing on white backgroundIf you want to buy legal steroids or simply a testosterone boosting product you need to know what is out there that is legal, safe and effective. There are many great testosterone supplements that you can use to increase the androgen/estrogen ratio and offset the environmental estrogens that are found in the modern diet. These chemicals make it very difficult to have optimal androgen levels and may cause problems like impotence and poor quality of life. testosterone supplements can be used to boost testosterone or other androgenic hormones.

Prohormone testosterone Supplements

There are still many legal and some illegal testosterone prohormone supplements on the market. Picking the right one is a very important decision and the wrong choice could cause major problems with liver stress in those individuals that may have a previous condition. prohormones are legal and a very effective way of boosting testosterone. The most effective prohormone to testosterone is 3b-hydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one which can convert to testosterone in the body and has been shown to be very safe and effective when used as directed


In addition to testosterone you may want to boost other androgens like DHT which may help you increase strength and burn fat. These two prohormones make a powerful stack to combat environmental estrogens.  Here is a list of the legal prohormones left on the market:

1-androsterone – converts to the hormone 1-testosterone which is a isomer of testosterone that is more anabolic per milligram and can not convert into estrogen. Isn’t as good a cutter as 3b-androsterone but easier on the hairline.

19Nor-androsterone – converts to nandrolone, which is a mild version of testosterone with very few side effects and won’t cause hair loss in men. Safest prohormone.

3b-androsterone – a great lean mass prohormone that converts to DHT which may help you lose fat and gain lean mass.  DHT can cause hairloss issues in those people who are susceptible.

3b-hydroxy-androst-5-ene-17-one – a prohormone to testosterone that helps build mass and burn fat.  This actually helps boost testosterone levels when combined with co-factors. testosterone is the best a helping with a bulking cycle.

17aHydroxy-5a-pregnane-3,20-dione – a prohormone that converts to stanolone, which can help with lean mass gains. This is very mild, which is good for a beginner or as part of a stack.  It’s a must add to any other prohormone to build additional mass.

Any one of these testosterone supplements will help you gain the mass you are looking for and most will help you lean out.  You can also stack them to achieve the desired effect.  Stay away from the prohormones with the 17aMethyl delivery system since they can cause major issues like liver toxicity. None of the above mentioned prohormones use this chemical modification since it is illegal.

Natural testosterone Supplements

There are many natural testosterone supplements and luckily many of them work very well.  Unlike prohormones natural testosterone supplements signal the body to produce more of it’s own testosterone. Some of the best ones are available that have very low side effects. These can also be used together to increase potency.

D-Aspartic Acid – this amino acid has been shown to boost natural testosterone levels. It is very potent at increasing the body’s production of testosterone. Unfortunately the only negative is that it also may boost estrogen, which is why you may want to stack it with an estrogen blocker.

Resveratrol – this natural flavone may block estrogen and reduce aromatase. It is a potent estrogen blocking compound.

Aromatase Inhibitors – these block the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. They are great on their own and perfect to stack with D-Aspartic Acid.  Aromatase inhibitors are the premier testosterone supplements for natural athletes of all ages.

testosterone Supplement Cycle

The best protocol for a testosterone supplement over 21 is 4 weeks of a prohormone stack and 4 weeks of a testosterone boosting agent follow up.  This will give you a temporary “shut down” of your natural production which may be good for you, followed by a “testosterone boosting” cycle that will kickstart your natural production.