The Best Prohormone Supplements On The Market In 2012

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The Best Prohormone Supplements On The Market In 2012

BEST prohormones

People often ask what is the best prohormone on the market in 2012. We’ve learned a lot about what a person should take if they want to use prohormone products and what they shouldn’t use. The things that we used to think are no longer valid and the prohormones we thought were useless might in fact be our best choices. What it comes down to is your goals and what you are willing to sacrifice.

There are still gray market prohormones on the market like some of them mentioned on this site. These grey market prohormones like hdrol, mdrol, epistane, pplex and tren xtreme were once considered the best route to gaining muscle with these kinds of compounds. Unfortunately, much of the industry got it wrong and in 2011 we are rethinking what we know about these compounds. These gray market compounds may in fact give you immediate muscle gains, but they unfortunately come with some side effects that you don’t want. The side effects commonly seen with these gray market products are typically liver stress, hairloss, gynocomastia (bitch tits) and almost immediate loss of “gains”.

What the industry is finding actually makes a lot of sense and it’s very similar to what the steroid community is finding out…natural is best. steroid users are routinely turning to testosterone opposed to exotic anabolic steroids like d-bol and winstrol. This is because testosterone is already in your body, therefore it doesn’t have the negative effects that these synthetic steroids like d-bol have. prohormones that are naturally occurring in the food supply, the body and other natural sources are typically safer, more effective at building quality muscle and of course legal! These hormones that are found naturally in our food supply can be concentrated to give a man, over 21 the boost in androgens that he needs to live a quality life in 2011.


These natural supplements are more necessary now than ever before. Men have been supplementing with “hormones” for thousands of years. Ancients knew that eating testicles would give them a boost in focus, intensity and quality of life. These testicles contain a rich source of natural androgens which is why they were prized. In 2011 this natural supplementation is even more necessary than ever, since “xeno-estrogens” are everywhere. Things like BPA which is all the talk, act like estrogens in the male body, making the need for BALANCE a necessity. You can’t get these xeno-estrogens out of the food and water. They are everywhere, so the only way to achieve proper balance is the health promoting benefits of legal prohormones.

Gray market prohormones will indeed put 12-20lbs of muscle on your in a 3-4 week cycle, but the man that uses these runs the risk of jeopardizing his health. There are numerous lawsuits and medical reports of men having their livers damaged with some of these gray market cocktails. The people who sell these have no knowledge of what is safe and effective and it’s showing in the amount of people hurt by these supplements. If used right, I believe that all hormone products are safe but with these gray market dealers making dangerous, stupid cocktails, it’s best to avoid them. Also, you will find that you won’t keep more than 4 or 5 lbs of that 20 you gained so why bother risking your health for 3 weeks of muscle.

legal, natural prohormones can give you results that are sane and ones that you can keep. If estrogen consumption is going up every decade, you NEED to take prohormones to balance out your body. Here is a fractional list of estrogens in food, chemicals and packaging:

Pesticides & Herbicides such as DDT, endosulfan, dieldrin, methoxychlor, kepone, toxaphene, chlordane, and other chlorinated hydrocarbons. DDT is banned in the U.S. Baby roosters exposed to DDT grew up looking like hens. It is present in imported fruit and vegetables and thus we eat it often.

Farms, lawns and golf courses use pesticides and herbicides that easily enter the body through the skin and lungs. Golf courses use 7 times the amount of pesticides than farmers use.

In a Dartmouth University study, the researchers found that plastic wrap with olive oil heated in a microwave produced a concentration of xenoestrogens 500,000 times the minimum amount of estrogen needed to produce breast cancer cell proliferation in a test tube.

Bishphenol-A contamination was also found in the majority of canned food as high as 27 times the minimum amount of estrogen needed to stimulate breast cancer cells to grow in the test tube

Ordinary Household Products such as breakdown products from laundry detergent and dish detergent that include nonylphenol, octylphenol and spermicide.

Industrial chemicals such a PCB’s (polycholrinated biphenyls) and other lubricants are estrogenic.

Commercially raised meat such as pork, chicken and beef contain estrogen in their feed which can be transmitted to humans.

Preservatives used in skin lotions, shampoos, and body lotions such as the parabens that include methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, proply paraben, butyl paraben.

Estrogen drugs like birth control pills go directly into the water supply and are implicated in fish and alligators born as males, developing female genitals.