Tren-13-Ethyl A Weird Prohormone

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Tren-13-Ethyl A Weird Prohormone

tren-13-Ethyl is a very odd ball steroid. This is a prohormone since it has a 17-keto group and should convert to the active when taken orally. tren 13 Ethyl is based on the abortion drug RU-486 which may sound odd at first, but remember that androgens/progestins will most likely cause a disruption of a woman’s biological process and it makes sense that a structure like this would be an androgen/progestin based product. That being said, I wouldn’t touch this product, since I wouldn’t be comfortable putting something in my body that is used to spontaneously cause abortions.

tren 13 Ethyl Structure

The nomenclature of tren 13 Ethyl is 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one. This is a very oddly structured steroid, having a 5(10)-ene double bond, meaning it has a 5-10 double bond.  Many people claim that this product turns into “deca” but I see no possible way of that happening. The only thing it shares with “deca” is that it is a 19Nor steroid (which most female drugs are).  This will absolutely not convert into Deca since it has a 13 Ethyl structure and a 2-ene A ring double bond.  That being said it is likely to be a very weak binder and the 13-ethyl doesn’t seem to impart much to the overall usefulness of the steroid. Being a prohormone, it likely has good conversion but still suffers from a weak active steroid.

M-drol Prohormone Alternative

tren 13 Ethyl Effects

This is reported as a very mild steroid for side effects because it isn’t very active. It is also a very mild steroid for muscle building effects as well. It is reported to cause very little in the way of gains and very little in side effects, which is why you see this mostly stacked with strong androgens like superdrol or h drol in a single capsule.  This is more added for “window dressing” than adding any real value.  From the looks of it and the reports, depression and loss of sexual function are about the only real side effects of this steroid.  Both of these are pretty nasty side effects (not getting it up and feeling blue) but since this is often stacked with potent “dry” steroids like superdrol, it usually doesn’t show up on a cycle.  If one were to take a tren 13 Ethyl only cycle they would probably see more of these effects.  Since you don’t often find tren 13 Ethyl by itself except for the product of that name it is not commonly used on its own. This makes it very deceptive on what value it has for building muscle.

This is one to avoid since little if anything is known about this steroid in men. There are much better options out there for prohormones.