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Tren Xtreme Review – How good for building muscle?

Andro Cycle December 13, 2010 7

Guy Flexing BicepThis prohormone was based on the anabolic precursor estra 4,9 dione.  This andro prohormone is a 19Nor compound that has very few side effects and can’t convert to either DHT or estrogen.  It was known as a mild muscle builder with very little to no side effects. Tren Xtreme was the source of an FDA raid in 2009 and was voluntarily removed from the market by it’s maker American Cellular Labs. You can read more about estra 4,9 dione by clicking on the article on X Tren.

Tren Xtreme was very popular since estra 4,9 dione was considered to be a safe and effective prohormone. There is some debate on whether estra 4,9 dione is naturally occurring, but since in 2010 it was scheduled as an anabolic steroid by the US DEA, it is no longer being sold in the US market. This product is a very potent progestin and that’s what probably is causing the anabolic effects which means it was misclassified but once scheduled it’s pretty hard to undo.

Estra 4,9 dione was a potent prohormone that shared similar qualities to Trenbolone. It was a good mas builder that helped the user lean out while putting on muscle. This along with it’s mild side effects made it prized among prohormones.

There were an estimated 6,000,000 bottles of “Tren” products sold between 2003 when it was introduced and early 2010 when it was taken off the market and made illegal. I know of no adverse effects for this compound making it appear extremely safe and effective as a prohormone to the steroid dienolone. The product was probably one of the safest and most effective prohormones on the market for boosting androgen levels and increasing size.

Due to it’s unusual structure “tren” products will stay in your system a long time and will certainly be detected on a drug test. For that reason, anyone that is a drug tested athlete or employee will want to stay away from “tren”. It will stay in your system a very long time and will be detectable long after it was discontinued.

Last Legal Progestin:

Although, these progestin based ingredients are now illegal and off the market. There is one legal progestin still on the market with very similar results to the old “TREN” product estra-4,9-dione. It’s a legal progestin that seems to give lean mass gains like the old tren products.

You can find this last LEGAL progestin based prohormone here:

5aOHP Progestin Prohormone