Trenazone Review

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Trenazone Review

Guy Flexing BicepTrenazone is the active version of the now illegal diendione estra-4,9-dione product found in things like tren Xtreme. From a legal perspective, this company is taking their life in their hands because the dione version is illegal and this is likely to raise the ire of the US government. Additionally, as an advertised transdermal, it’s not technically a dietary supplement, which makes it even more of a risk. Even though the FDA currently allows transdermal progesterone to be sold as a dietary supplement, it’s probably not a good idea.

Trenadrone Structure

Like dienedione, it is a very mild and reasonably safe product that doesn’t convert to estrogen and nor will it convert to DHT.  It is a 19Nor Androgen that is very likely to occur in pigs, making it a dietary supplement. Unfortunately the existence of Dienelone or diendione has not been confirmed, making this very risky to sell.  Additionally, you will test positive for anabolic steroids with this product. Still, the product doesn’t have many reports of side effects and since it isn’t a 17aMethyl, it won’t cause liver toxicity.


Trenadrone Activity

Trenadrone like all 19Nor products is a potent progestin, which should help with it’s anabolic effects. It shouldn’t cause any gyno and very little hair loss because it doesn’t readily convert to estrogen nor will it convert to DHT. It is a potent lean mass builder that is going to give you slow and steady gains. The transdermal delivery is well studied and works quite well at delivering androgens of this character, so I expect this product to be quite potent and give great gains compared to the oral version.  Other than being very grey market illegal in more ways than one, there is nothing really bad to say about this product. It makes for a great stack with other androgens like 3Beta-Hydroxyandrost-5-Ene-17-One since it isn’t super potent on it’s own.  It will very likely shut down your natural production, so it’s important to take a good PCT product with this stack.

Alone or as part of a stack, Trenazone is a very good product for those who are over 21 and wish to use an anabolic steroid, not just a prohormone to get results. It is likely reasonably safe and potent for the desired use.