X-Tren Update And Review

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X-Tren Update And Review

Guy Flexing BicepThis product was a sports supplement that was based on the estra 4,9 dione prohormone. This hormone is a precursor to the steroid dienelone. Estra 4,9 dione is a decent mass builder and has little side effects. It doesn’t convert to estrogen nor does it convert to DHT, which means it won’t cause gyno nor hairloss in most individuals. The active steroid “dienelone” is a very potent anabolic steroid that shares many common attributes with “trenbolone” which is the 4,9,11 triene version.  Despite the name “tren” contains no trenbolone and can not convert into trenbolone from any known pathway. It is possible however that trenbolone degrades in the body into dienelone and that was originally the source of it’s legal determination.  Later inquiry has shown that this steroid combination is certainly possible in the bodies of most mammals and most likely occurs in pigs. It actually imparts its muscle building effects by being a very strong progestin.

X-tren Structure

This prohormone is based on nandrolone, which is a 19Nor steroid.  This means it is fairly mild compared to other prohormones for side effects, but may also act as a progestin. The 4,9 diene means it won’t likely convert to estrogen, but may convert to an 11-keto derivative.  It may convert to a Hybrid Delta-9-DHN but that seems pretty unlikely since it is similar in structure to real trenbolone which doesn’t seem to be able to covert down that pathway.

X tren Effects

Estra 4,9 dione was a very mild lean mass builder that wouldn’t cause a lot of bloating, nor would it pack on mass too quickly. It very likely doesn’t convert into many metabolites. Like trenbolone and Nandrolone (tren and Deca) it is a very potent progestin as well as being androgenic. Progestins have the ability to also build muscle which is why these steroids seem to be more “anabolic” than other steroids. People reported gains of 6-12lbs on a 30 day cycle which means it is a middle of the road mass builder but when you compare it’s excellent safety profile and mild side effects, people really liked this prohormone while it was legal.  The gains were fairly lean, but there was some report of bloating.

Side Effects Of X tren

X tren was prized because it had very low side effects and a good anabolic ratio. Most people dosed it at between 100 and 300mg per day, although much lower doses could be used safely. Since it is not a 17aMethyl product it didn’t have any liver stressing effects. This made the compound in Xtren very safe except for the typical side effects common to all steroids and prohormones like altered cholesterol values, increased aggression, loss of hair and potential gyno symptoms. Estra 4,9 dione is a naturally occurring prohormone that doesn’t have a lot of side effects and is considered to be a very mild compound compared to its effect. There is some possible hair loss, prostate issues and mood swings with this prohormone like mentioned simply because you are altering your hormones and while for most people this isn’t an issue, it could be for some people. Be careful when you are on X-tren to make sure you are in good health.

X tren Illegal

In 2010, X tren and estra 4,9 dione were scheduled as anabolic steroids in the United States. who asserted that estra 4,9 dione was not a dietary supplement because it is not naturally occurring. Some debate still rages on whether estra 4,9 dione is natural or not, but it seems likely it is either a metabolite of trenbolone or may indeed occur in pigs. Either way it is gone from the shelves of the US although you can still find it in Europe.